Certificado de Autenticidad

What are the famous Certificates of Authenticity? Well, although there are several types depending on the sector, a Certificate of Authenticity is an official document that verifies and validates that an artistic work, an object or a product is totally authentic, genuine, and verifies the owner of that COA (Certificate of Authenticity) of the exclusivity and the market value of that property, be it an autograph, a signature, an exclusive object, an antique, a program or any other product of interest.

What is a COA

As we can see, the Anglo-Saxon world is famous for being very careful with the history of each object, and hence they are precursors to the use of Certificates or in English, Certificate of Authenticity, of what we are abbreviated in COA. This term is the most used to refer to them.

Types of Certificates

Certificates of Authenticity are essential for a work of art, an autograph, a signature or a product to have the value it deserves, in addition to giving us security both when buying and selling any type of precious asset. Let’s see now which types of certificates are the most common and used in the world:


Any artist who wants to sell their works, or a buyer who wants to verify a work before buying needs a Certificate of Authenticity. All Art Galleries and Auction Companies need to certify the authorship of the works, and the most used way is through COA or Certificate of Authenticity issued by the certifying agencies, the creators / artists themselves or the legal representatives of their works. By employing a legal certificate, the possibility of falsification and copying of works is reduced. Our expert analysis system and endorsed by the Spanish graphology association issues this type of authenticity certificates after examining the work, so both the buyer’s safety and the value of the painting or the work has an essential value and safety.


The world of autograph signingof celebrities, also known as memorabilia is becoming a more widespread fashion in the world, there are many soccer players, singer-actresses who do autograph signing sessions for shirts, football boots, boxing gloves and all kinds of objects, it is important to hire a good service so that this precious memory has the endorsement of a COA certificate of authenticity. This service thanks to technology has come a long way and today it can be issued quickly and online, with the first analysis we will tell you if the autograph is authentic and then you will be able to obtain the signature’s certificate of authenticity, both online (encrypted with security where only you can see and print it or save it with your unique and valid serial number for that signature. In the certificate, in addition to the security code and hologram, you will have the photo of the signature of the article that you have verified. There are websites that already offer the certificate when they sell the products but if not, it is essential to have theautograph certificate of authenticityIf you are a collector or it is one of your passions, in this case they are already verified and registered by the expert experts in graphology. It is important that before buying an item it is reported that it has a COA certificate from top-level accredited professionals since even an authenticity certificate can be false, that is why we recommend that the Spanish association issue this certificate. It will also give you the necessary security and credibility, the memories have a lot of value, whether economic or sentimental, and with this simple management of a few hours, your article will be registered. You can also receive an original at your home, with the hologram, photo and signature of the professional, teacher and accredited graduate who has verified the autograph. In fact it is what we advise,


There are many firms or brands that make products of various kinds (but especially related to fashion) that have a series of characteristics that give it value.

This means that the companies that are established and known throughout the world, capture in their products the details that characterize them and that causes the price to rise. That is why many people aspire to be able to have a specific product from a specific firm simply because of being one.

Since it often happens that these firms have products that are not the cheapest on the market (see bags, shoes or clothing), there is a parallel black market where counterfeits are sold at a lower price and that they are often even confused with the firms. original because they imitate its most common characteristics.

That is why certificates of authenticity in signature products are so important, because they are the only way to guarantee that it is a completely original product and thus justify the price it has.


The certificates of authenticity in jewelry and precious stones are made by professionals in a scientific branch is the gemology.

It is not simply a document where the characteristics of the jewel or gem are described, but a scientific study where each and every one of the characteristics of the jewel has been examined using certain precision instruments to be able to firmly affirm that it is of a real gem or gemstone.


In the world of fashion, there are certain firms or brands that have registered a logo that characterizes them since their origins, as well as a series of characteristics that make consumers want to purchase one of their products and not any other.

As very often, having a unique brand with certain physical factors, causes the price of its products to rise due to the large number of people who are interested in them, this means that there are also many counterfeiters who try to imitate the characteristics of the products of a fashion firm to be able to sell them spending less money and also devaluing the price. That is why the certificates of authenticity that the brands sell on their official sites are essential so that people can ensure that they are indeed purchasing an authentic product.

Luxury watches

High-end or luxury watches are another of the fields where counterfeits are most suffered, these being increasingly realistic and even allowing experts to be confused at first.

For this reason, the big luxury watch brands have the obligatory custom of being able to certify the authenticity of each one of the watches they manufacture, so that in turn, if one day the person who bought a watch wants to resell it second hand You can also assure the third buyer that it is an authentic product and not a counterfeit.

Certificates of authenticity in turn serve to justify the price of luxury watches.

How to Create a Certificate of Authenticity

In our section, how to make a certificate of authenticity for a painting in three steps, we can have a COA to attach to our works if we do not have the resources to hire an auditor to certify our works.

Download Certificate of Authenticity Template

Today, as we will see in the section on online certificates of authenticity , there are many platforms that offer the possibility of making a certificate of authenticity without leaving home.

This is especially thought for people who are 100% assured that a product is authentic: for example, an artist with his own work is trained to be able to carry out a certificate of authenticity, since he knows all the relevant data of the work and is also completely sure it is not a counterfeit work.

This way of making a certificate of authenticity online, allows access to a template for the certificate where the main fields are filled in and is then easily downloadable in PDF to be used accordingly.

Certification Agencies

In the world there are many certifying companies that dedicate their work exclusively to receiving products of various kinds, whose experts and specialists analyze in order to assure the interested person that it is indeed an authentic product.

The most logical and reasonable thing is that when a person is interested in authenticating a certain product, they look for a certification agency in their own city, or at least in their own country. This is because for a correct evaluation of the product, normally the agencies or companies dedicated to this work, ask that the product be sent physically and thus be able to do an investigation and send it back to the person with the certificate of authenticity already made.