Certificado de Autenticidad de Autógrafos

What is an autograph certificate of authenticity? To explain what they are, there is a very precise concept in English which is that of «memorabilia» , which refers to memorable objects , to the collection of memories .

What is an Autograph Certificate of Authenticity?

All of us make use of memorabilia when we collect photographs or objects that remind us of someone . But also the concept refers to people who have a hobby of collecting series of themes that they like , or of famous characters that fascinate them .

Around this hobby there is a market around, of people from all over the planet who collect and exchange objects of interest and autographs , that is, signatures of their idols.

The certificates of authenticity of autographs are the documents professionals who guarantee that firm , or that memory is really who he claims to be.

Importance of Certificates

And why might it be necessary to make a certificate of authenticity for an autograph?

For as in the case of all products that are successful and sold or exchanged easily, there is a black market parallel where you try to get economic gains by deception and forgery of autographs or memorabilia collectibles .

Although there are professionals in the field who, on the one hand, prepare the official certificates of authenticity of the autographs and, on the other hand, evaluate the autographs and collectibles to determine whether they are true or not , also today, with the arrival of Internet, it is easy to be able to do a little research if you suspect that a signature is false .

The trick for this is to search online for that person’s signature in other documents, and not only see an example but observe all the possible signatures and writings of that person to analyze the calligraphy and know how to differentiate between inequalities that may be due to writing faster. or slower, for example, and more noticeable inequalities that could correspond to it being a false autograph .

Value of a Certificate of Authenticity of Autographs

What factors solve the greater or lesser value of an autograph or memorabilia?

Obviously, not all the signatures of famous people or memories of them or of a specific historical moment , have the same value. There are several concepts to be able to get an idea of how valuable a specific autograph is :

  • The popularity of the person or event or event , because the more people interested in it, the greater its value.
  • The scarcity or absence of many memories of that person or fact , since if there are, to take any example, hundreds of thousands of signatures of a famous soccer player, perhaps keeping one is not as special as if they only exist in the world a few people who have gotten that signature.
  • The specific moment in which the signature or the memory was made and how transcendental it was. For example, the signature or memory of a singer before he rose to fame, will be worth less than a memory or signature of him on the day of his most massive concert.

How to authenticate an autograph

Let’s see the process to follow to authenticate an autograph and the most important steps.

As we say, to be able to certify the authenticity of an autograph , the last word of a professional in the field is required to thoroughly assess the object and everything around it.

These are the steps to follow to get a certificate of authenticity from an autograph :

  1. Find a company specialized in authentication of autographs and memorabilia . It is very important to look for a company with a good reputation, good general opinions and a long professional career, because for a potential future buyer of an autograph, the name and fame of the company that certifies that the autograph is authentic can also be very relevant.
  2. Prepare all the documentation well for the company to study . Normally, it is the companies themselves that send a series of forms to solve the main questions surrounding the memorabilia or autograph, but all the accompanying data must also be prepared to facilitate the authenticity examination work.
  3. Know the budget that the authentication company manages for the evaluation and future issuance of the sealed certificate, demonstrating that the autograph is real.

How to keep an autograph or souvenir

Companies that are professionally dedicated to issuing certificates of authenticity not only evaluate the criteria to know if an autograph or souvenir is false or not , but also position it on a value scale based on the fact that, for example, it is poorly preserved , it is not legible or it has some physical defect . For this reason, the conservation and care of this type of objects is important, because if the state of conservation is bad enough, perhaps it is not worth trying to prove that it is authentic, because it will not have many possibilities ofattraction of interest .

How to get a certificate

How to get a certificate of authenticity from an autograph or signature, or memorabilia? Let’s see about obtaining the certificate of authenticity of an autograph or signature, or memorabilia.

Once the specialized company has made it clear that the evaluated firm is authentic , and meets the requirements to be well valued in the market, they send the owner of said object the certificate of authenticity . As they are usually processes that are done online, they send it by email so that the specific person can download the PDF certificate of authenticity of an autograph .

Furthermore, as in the case of certificates of authenticity of works of art , companies usually and must commit to include in a general database the existence of that signature or authentic object .

Fake autographs

Curiosities: what are the most falsified autographs on the planet? The data regarding the authenticity of autographs and memories that fluctuate and are exchanged in the market of the followers of celebrities and stars, are quite devastating .

One of the most iconic companies creating certificates of authenticity for souvenir-related products , PSA / DNA , says that less than half of the autographs and souvenirs that are exchanged and attempted to be sold through different channels are proven to be authentic .

But there are some figures or legends of the show who especially suffer the falsification of their signatures or memories , and they are, in order:

  1. All members of the Beatles
  2. Elvis presley
  3. John F. Kennedy
  4. Michael Jackson
  5. Astronaut Neil Armstro ng
  6. Marilyn Monroe


Therefore, there are true professionals in counterfeiting and deception , it is evidence that we must count on the help of authentication professionals to avoid the consequences of being deceived through the Internet.

We recommend researching on the best autograph authenticity certification companies in order to enjoy the possibility of marketing and exchanging in the best possible conditions .

It is incredible the economic value that some autographs have , especially of mythical characters that left us long ago, but also of many that are part of the current scene, we are preparing a list that will surprise you, many names of these autographs you might expect. but there are surprises.

And looking at the prices that are paid for these autographs, the importance of a good certification of authenticity of autographs is further understood since the cost is not high and we can lose a lot of value if we do not have it.