Cómo hacer un Certificado de Autenticidad Gratis

How to make a Certificate of Authenticity for free? The certificate of authenticity is something that you can do yourself, however, for this it is necessary to have certain knowledge about the subject or type of product that is so that the data that appears on the certificate is true, verified and trusted .


A person can know perfectly the data that must be reflected in a certificate of authenticity . For example: If a person is the artist of a work of art, or knows the creator of the work, they can know the necessary data for the certificate without having to hire someone to do it.

The assurance that the product is not a counterfeit

Continuing with the example of the work of art, if someone knows the artist of the work on which we want to make a certificate of authenticity , they will know perfectly well that it is not a fake .

In the same way, with other products such as watches, signature objects, sunglasses or even autographs. You must be absolutely sure that it is an authentic object, in order to be able to carry out the certificate of authenticity .

In the case of an autograph , if a person has seen how the particular celebrity signed the autograph, they will have no doubt that it is an authentic autograph .

Make Certificate

IN WHAT CASES IS IT HARD TO MAKE A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY YOURSELF? When it comes to jewelery and gemstones , it is very difficult to be able to produce a reliable certificate of authenticity . This is because a scientific analysis is needed that not everyone can carry out, and it is not possible to see at first glance the authenticity or falsity of a jewel.

Resorting to experts is highly recommended

Except in the case of people who can know for sure all the data related to an object to carry out their certificate of authenticity , it is always much more advisable to go to an expert.

Experts have studied for years to be able to offer guarantees , so that no one better than them will issue a certificate of authenticity.

Obtain certificates

Ways to get an expert certificate of authenticity for free. There are many platforms where you can make certificates of authenticity that offer the first certificate of authenticity for free . It is a way of not spending money on a certificate of authenticity, but with the help of experts in the field, which is essential.